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As part of the Centennial “Lev of Legends” series, Temple Israel celebrated its rich Social Justice history on January 28th by calling the names of 12 “Keepers of the Flame” who have made exceptional contributions to Tikkun Olam and upon whose shoulders we stand – role models whose selfless commitments to the greater good light our path into the future. Each did so in their own compassionate, fearless way – some behind the scenes and others front-and-center. They showed us how we can help repair the world with intention and purpose, serving those less fortunate than ourselves in the name of human dignity and civil rights. To watch the full presentation click on the link to the right or below. And you can read those stories in our Social Justice Handbook, which is on the right or below and will be mailed to the home of every congregant. Our “Keepers of the Flame” honored Temple Israel by allowing us to call their names, share their stories, and be inspired to write our own. There is still a lot of work to be done!