It’s surreal to think that Camp Ani-Po must come to an end. It feels like just yesterday Rabbi and I were discussing the idea of starting a summer camp “just in case”. Just a few months ago I don’t think anyone expected to be where we are in July and yet here we are.

All that being said I believe Camp Ani-Po was an amazing experience for all of us. It gave us all, even our summer camp veterans, opportunities to think creatively in our new virtual world. It allowed us to build relationships that you don’t get outside of the camp bubble. We saw new sides and abilities of people that we hadn’t known before, the talent and skill of our campers and our guest program leaders showed us how truly unique and special we all are. How fitting it is in this week’s Torah portion we talk about Balak who sends out Balaam to curse the Israelites, but when it comes time for him to speak the curse all that comes out is a blessing. Similarly, as COVID raged on and we were told that there would not be camp this summer it felt in the moment like a curse but out of it came a blessing and opportunity for the wonderful experience that is Camp Ani-Po!

THANK YOU to… All Of Our Guest Program Leaders Adam Gorelick, Deborah Sherman Gorelick, Jazzie Morgan, Lotem Elion, Jordan Walinski, Dan Bondroff, Bridget Cabibi, Barbara Kamp, Marc Lamb, Agnes Winokur, and Todd Gordon. Your help and support helped make camp possible, we truly could not have accomplished all that we did without you!

Our CIT’s Isaac Cabibi-Wilkin, Tivon Cabibi-Wilkin, Lilly Scheingoltz We know it’s hard to give up part of your summer but we loved getting to run camp with you and watch you all step up as leaders and truly make an impact and a difference this summer!

Rabbi Morrison Thank you for the vision and equal passion for the importance of Camp. Ani-Po will be a stand as a solid building block for Temple Israel’s future.

And To Our Campers, We live in a strange time but we appreciate you getting up each day with us to be a little silly, have a little fun, try something new, and make a whole lot of memories! Because that’s what the magic of camp is all about.

We hope to see everyone again soon at the flagpole!



You don’t need to be a scientist to figure out that Camp Ani-Po is the best! But, it doesn’t hurt to be one either.

Today Agnes Winokur shared some amazing science experiments that made us wonder if it was Science or real magic! From homemade lava lamps to lava explosions we had a blast!

Later we had Todd Gordon come to show us one of his favorite hobbies Geocaching! The worldwide scavenger hunt phenomenon that has hidden treasures all around the world. We even found one back behind the synagogue!

But the Camp Fun is not over yet! We still have 1 more amazing day together planned at CAMP ANI-PO!