Our campers really brought it today to the Camp Ani-Po Beit Café (Coffee House) Talent Show!

We saw it all Gymnastics, Dance, Singing, Music, Karate, Comedy, Magic, Dog Tricks, Cat Tricks, Hair that can hold everything, and writing with your feet.

You name it we got it at Camp Ani-Po!

It’s always a special day at camp but today was a little bit more when our campers got to share their special talents with us!



CAMP ANI-PO DAY 12 … Good Times All Around!

A little birdie told me that Camp Ani-Po has the best Canteen and Bunks ever! Sounds true to me!

It’s another beautiful day at Camp Ani Po where the weather is always perfect!

Today Marc Lamb challenged our campers to a virtual escape room. Campers had to decode messages in Hebrew to solve the problems and escape the room. Some of the questions were so hard they even stumped some of CIT’s and Staff. But with the support of our friends and fellow campers, we all made it through.

Later in the day, we played some Camp Games known as “SKUNK” and “Sink or Float” a great way to just be silly and have fun!