Sunday School:

For Grades K-Pre B’nei Mitzvah

Sunday mornings from 10 am-11 am

Take part in grade-based interactive lessons surrounding Torah, Jewish Life, and Holidays. Actively lead and participate in communal T’fillah. Add your voice to ruach (energetic) filled Shira (Music Sessions)  and bring your opinions to conversations on Middot (Jewish Values). 

Sessions led by your clergy team and Sunday School faculty and Madrichim

Yom Kef” lit. “Day of Fun” are Shabbat Family Days devoted to experiential learning and joyful exploration of Jewish holidays, customs, prayers, and more! Open to every member of your family including younger siblings, grandparents, and all religious school registrants. Sunday school will not meet on the weeks where Yom Kef occurs (see school schedule for details).

Hebrew School:

For grades 3-Pre B’Nei Mitzvah & TIFTY

Come together with your TI youth community for T’fillah and Hebrew School from 5 pm-6 pm on Tuesday evenings.

Led by your clergy team, Bryan Kellert and Hebrew School faculty

Brunch and Learn:

Come join TI parents and grandparents for an interactive and progressive discussion focusing on themes relevant to guiding our children through values and ethics based Judaism. 

This weekly virtual gathering is casual and free-flowing. Conversations are facilitated by Rabbi Morrison and are regularly steered towards the topics and parenting challenges that the group chooses to pursue.

No previous Judaic knowledge is necessary and families of all shapes, backgrounds, and sizes are welcome and encouraged to join us!