The progression of counting our days through the counting of the Omer provides a grounding for
this busy time of year. Following seven sefirot qualities we share with God for each week of the Omer,
last week was focused on chesed – lovingkindness, flow, and abundance. We continue with gevurah,
focusing on our boundaries, strength, and judgment, moving on to tiferet, harmony, balance, and
beauty, then to nitzach, endurance, perseverance, and eternity, and culminating in hod, both humility
and splendor. The interactions of the qualities enrich us even more as we number our days and strive to
make each day meaningful. May is a month of celebrating milestones in the lives of our member,
congregation, Israel, and our country.

Yom Hazikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, leads into Yom Haaatzmaut, Israel’s Birthday, which we will celebrate on May 10th and 13th in the evenings. We will honor the memories of those who lost their lives
in military service for the USA on Friday night, May 24th, the eve of Memorial Day Weekend.
Along with blessing those celebrating May birthdays and anniversaries on May 10th, we offer
congratulations and a mazel tov to all those graduating from their schools and being honored for their
accomplishments as the school year draws to a close.

Our Temple Israel Gala: Broadway, Blessings and Brunch Sunday, May 19th, brings us together to support
the congregation and enjoy ourselves, great music, food, and company. Make your reservation now for a fun

Join me on Thursdays at noon for Torah Study and Discussion in my study at Temple Israel or on Zoom
throughout the month.

Our month will culminate with Wellness Shabbat on May 31st, focusing on mental wellness, collective
ways we can support one another on our journeys and caring for ourselves within our Jewish

We will continue focusing on marking each day into June as we continue our journey towards Sinai and
renewing the terms of our brit, our covenant with God and the Jewish people. Have a great month!